About Hung Wei Vegetarian Food

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Hung Wei Vegetarian Food. was operates on the premise of providing quality and Healty Vegetarian / Vegan food products.

We manufacturer oriental vegetarian food and aim to encourage people to eat healthy, live longer, enjoy a peaceful and harmonious lifestyle. We provide our customers the best quality and a great variety of vegetarian and vegan foods in the market.

Vegetarian Food Custom Design and manufacture Services

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We work with our customers in the Vegetarian food industry by providing individualized service and customized products to restaurants and distributors. We work with small, medium, and large chain restaurants, as well as large volume single locations such as convention centers and entertainment venues to provide veggie products to them through their food service distributor. We also provide retail packaged products as well.

We will take your most labor intensive, highest volume, and difficult items out of your work load. You will have the opportunity to work with our research and development team on your idea products, so that we can ensure that the products that you serve will always be of the highest quality. We can either follow your original recipe or we would be happy to assist you in developing new products.

Partnering with us may also reduce the equipment cost since we will be making the items for you as finished products. This will also reduce the amount of space that you need for the inventory since you would be ordering finished products rather than the 12 ingredients that may go into the product. For each meal you will just pull out the amount that you need at that time, so this will also reduce the waste or thrown away excess products. Finally, and most importantly, having contracted out your most challenging and labor involved menu items with confidence, will allow you the time to focus on other aspects of growing your business, pleasing your customers, and increasing sales.


It was a great pleasure working with the team from Hung Wei Food. I was truly impressed with their creative products and their customer service.

Peter - Farmers Market

The best part about their products is that they are Non-GMO and No preservative added, It has really boosted interest in my market.

David - Food Development Authority

Ordering from Hung Wei Food was a simple but wonderful experience. After my initial contact, they sent me two different samples expressly made for my business.

John - Veggie Foods International